janephotoJane Grecsek

The passage through life has been beautifully captured in black and white reportage photography by Jane Grecsek for over 20 years.

With split second timing and an eye for the right moment, Jane captures life’s candle as brightly as possible so that you can hand it on to the next generation as a splendid torch of your existence.

A direct descendent of the original owners of the Moulin Rouge in Paris, Jane’s great-great grandfather’s coffee shop became a haven for the famous french artists who sketched their visions on table clothes and then on canvas.

This artistic background continued through the generations in Jane’s family producing artists, inventors, and gallery owners who “seemed to know” what to do with their natural born talents and heritage.

Jane’s gift in life is “knowing what to do with her camera” and understanding a style of photography that makes her the artist that she is.